Acts – The Gospel Advances Through Blood, Sweat and Tears
November 3, 2019

Acts – The Gospel Advances Through Blood, Sweat and Tears

Passage: Acts 20:13 - 38
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Big Idea: The Gospel Advances Through Blood Sweat and Tears


1. Shepherding God’s People By:

  • Preaching the Death and Resurrection of Christ.
  • Identifying With the Sheep
  • Pursuing Humility
  • Teaching With Compassion
  • Persevering in Trials
  • Teaching the Gospel in Many Places to Various People
  • Teaching Boldly
  • Aggressively Shepherd the Sheep

2. How Should the Sheep Live?:

  • By Knowing the Truth
  • By Challenging One Another to Follow Christ and his Word
  • By Loving God’s People
  • By Serving God’s People


1. Treasure Christ Above All.

2. Pursue  Individual Holiness

3. Look to Jesus and Find Encouragement. He extends the Gift of Life to All

Christ Connection:

We can serve others as because of Christ. Jesus deserved his holiness and riches, but forsook them to serve others so they could have life. Jesus was beaten and killed on a Roman execution cross. He willingly gave up his life for his sheep. He calls all his followers to imitate this same love. To the measure that we trust this message of life at Christ’s expense, the measure we can serve others as Jesus.

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