Acts – The Gospel Advances Through God’s Faithfulness
July 7, 2019

Acts – The Gospel Advances Through God’s Faithfulness

Passage: Acts 6:8 - 8:3
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Big Point: God is faithful to his people through the patriarchs, the temple and ultimately through Jesus


Steven Seized (6:8-15)

Steven Speaks (7:53)

 Steven Sees (7:54-56)

 Steven Stoned and the Church Scattered (7:57-8:3)


Trust that God is and will be faithful to his people.

 Be Faithful to God despite external circumstances.

Christ Connection:

The biblical narrative from the Abraham to Jesus Christ illustrates God’s faithfulness to his people. So often, however, we are unfaithful to our God. We are not faithful to God because we believe that God will be unfaithful to us. We believe we can be better to ourselves than God ever could be to us. Yet through the gospel of Jesus Christ God has treated us better than we dare imagine. Jesus was rejected by God on the cross. In exchange we are accepted by God, given eternal life and unconditional love as his child.  God promises to always be faithful to his people. Understanding this truth allows us to be faithful to God. To resist the temptation of sin, to serve others, and to share the gospel with those around us.