Acts – The Gospel Advances Through Team Effort
October 6, 2019

Acts – The Gospel Advances Through Team Effort

Passage: Acts 18:1-22
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Big Idea: The Gospel Advances Through Teamwork.


1. God Gathers the Team

2. God Equips the Team

3. God Sustains the Team


1. Love the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

2. Love the Church of Jesus Christ.

3. Love the Mission as it takes the whole church to achieve the whole mission.

Christ Connection: 

Just as God sends his team on a mission to bring the gospel to all nations in Acts 18:1-22, so Jesus Christ descends from heaven to bring us the gospel. Christ saw us in our sins and offered himself as an atoning sacrifice so we could have life. We cannot save anybody. Instead we can share with others the gospel message in the hope that they believe it. To the measure that we trust that message we are able to be on mission to bring the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ to our family, colleagues, friends and neighbors.

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