Acts – The Gospel Advances Through Unity of Faith
September 8, 2019

Acts – The Gospel Advances Through Unity of Faith

Passage: Acts 15: 1-35
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Big Idea: The Gospel Advances Through Unity Of Faith


1. The journey in faith

2. The conflict in faith

3. The agreement of faith


How are we uniting with other believers and churches?

How are we applying theological triage (placing impetus on the crucial aspects of faith while allowing disagreement on less vital doctrine) in our lives?

Christ Connection:

Christ not only secured our salvation through the cross of Christ, he adopted us into his family. The same truth applies to every Christ follower. As a result we are all spiritual brothers and sisters in Christ and are called into unity as family. United in Christ, let us embrace the core doctrines of faith (justification by faith alone, the trinity, etc, while giving grace to our brothers and sisters whom we disagree with regarding less important doctrine.