Acts – The Gospel Advances When We Build Bridges
September 22, 2019

Acts – The Gospel Advances When We Build Bridges

Passage: Acts 17:1-34
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Big Idea: The Gospel Adances When We Build Bridges.


1. Identify the Gap

2. Building Bridges

3. Help Others Cross the Bridge


Engage non believers with incredible acts of hospitality.

Exegete the area you are sharing the gospel.

Share the gospel with non-believers in culturally and personally sensitive ways.

Christ Connection:

Epicureans delight in seeking pleasure as a way to fulfilling life. Stoics seek life by obeying a rigid impersonal law that is void of a personal god. Paul confronts both groups with the same gospel in unique ways. For the epicurean, true fulfillment is not in pleasure because you will always seek more than one has and will, therefore, always be lacking. To the stoic, God is near, and no amount of law keeping can make you acceptable to him. Instead, Paul argues the gospel is a third way, the only way for people to find true fulfillment. Through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus humans can be reunited with the personal God, creator of all things, and the source of all life-giving joy. Christ fulfilled the law and his people reap the blessings of law keeping. Jesus denied himself the riches of heaven to defeat the power of evil, sin and death, so we could have fulfilling life. And as Christ followers, our goal is to share the life giving message of Jesus, this third way, so all people can experience true life and joy.