Obadiah – The Day of the Lord is coming
August 25, 2019

Obadiah – The Day of the Lord is coming

Passage: Obadiah 1-21
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Big Idea: The Kingdom of God is coming to judge those who exalt themselves and commit treachery, while blessing God’s people.


1. God will judge the self-exalting and treacherous

2. God will bless his people


Imitate Jesus’ humility

Trust the Gospel

Christ Connection: 

Jesus saw that the true enemy was the pride, selfishness and disobedience of humanity that leads to so much pain and destruction in the our world. Jesus did not fight his enemy through violence against others or through trickery, but through humility and love. He esteemed others through his miraculous healings, through his self-sacrificial serving of others. Then, in fulfillment of God’s sovereign plan, Jesus takes on the penalty and the consequences of humanity’s self exaltation and treachery. He was dealt treacherously as the kings and rulers of the world condemned him to death. Jesus died the death reserved for traitors and criminals. But just as these enemies thought they defeated God, Jesus rises from the dead proving that sin, evil and death has no power over him. Jesus promises all people that if they turn from their treachery and self exaltation follow Jesus and his ethic of exalting others and glorifying God, they will be forgiven of their treachery and incorporated into God’s people. God’s people will be rescued from the upcoming final day of the lord where all treachery is finally put to an end and God will wipe every tear from his people’s eyes. On that day he will raise them to new life in the kingdom of God for all eternity.