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For the Peoples of Kuala Lumpur​


A church that seeks to cast a Gospel NET for the peoples of Kuala Lumpur

We exist to glorify God by nurturing and equipping people to live gospel-centered lives together in order to transform Kuala Lumpur through love, joy, hope and rest in Jesus.


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We believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the hope of the world.

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Gospel City Church

1 day 3 hours ago

Today is Advent Sunday which marks the beginning of Advent season as we prepare our hearts for Christmas. The passage of Scripture we heard from today is Malachi 2:17-3:12. We looked at how the fact that God doesn't change provides God's people with a hope that assures, and fuels our desire to obey. As much as it is a source of comfort, it is also a source of warning because His judgment is coming to the disobedient.

In the second part of the passage, we were challenged to a mindset shift - instead of asking "how much do I need to give?" (of ourselves, our time, talents, money), perhaps the better question to ask is "how much do i need to keep?". We are reminded that God doesn't bless us BECAUSE we gave, God blesses us SO THAT we can give.

Gospel City Church

3 days 5 hours ago

When the Israelites asked God "How have you loved us?"... God responded by reminding them of all that He is, has done, and has promised to do. This week on ⏰ "A Wake Up Call for a Sleepy Church", they ask more questions: "Where is God's justice?" and "How shall we return to you?"

We too find ourselves asking these sorts of questions every so often, yet, at the same time we have our own ideas of justice. We want to be on the right side of history, to be the ultimate arbiter of our own deeds and lives. We want God on our side, to be faithful to us and keep us in His good books. But it is God, not us, who has the final say. This could be both good and bad news.

Come join us this Sunday, 20 November in the third of our new sermon series, with a sermon titled “The Good and Bad of God Never Changing" based on Malachi 2:17-3:12. Service is fully in-person only, looking forward to have you with us!

Gospel City Church

1 week 20 hours ago

Today, Nick Gonyea, one of our covenant partners at GCC preached on Malachi 2:10-16. We learned that the problem with unfaithfulness is when we go against God’s design of a covenant community where relationships are built for trust, honesty, peace, loyalty, support, care, and love for one another, but instead deal with each other treacherously in pursuit of our own self-satisfaction.

We also learned that the reason for unfaithfulness is so often because we forget about what God has done for us and has promised to do. Despite God’s work on behalf of Israel for their good, they had the audacity to ask “how have you loved us?” Similarly, we too, may think we need to put ourselves first, and fail to love others, instead of remembering God’s goodness towards us and all His kingdom promises.

Yet, we know we cannot be faithful to God and those around us by our own strength. We need a heart transformation, and to keep our eyes fixed on the only faithful person in existence - Jesus Christ, who perfectly loves us. To the extent we believe and trust Jesus and the gospel, is when we can start being faithful to others. When we realise that Christ takes care of all of our needs, we think less about ourselves, and more about how we can be faithful to our relationships and community. To be faithful to God, we need only realise that He has already given us His Spirit, the power for faithfulness. Come what may, we can always look to Him, as our one true Father and King whose faithfulness is great and never-changing.

Gospel City Church

1 week 3 days ago

Last week, we were warned about how the Israelites fell into false worship, replacing God with treasures of the world. In this week's installment of ⏰ "A Wake Up Call for a Sleepy Church", we come to the case of Judah.

Malachi sounds the alarm on how they have stumbled in their faithlessness, in marriage and in their relationships with one another, but also ultimately jeopardizing their relationship with God. But we today too, live in a faithless age, with difficult relationships. How can we learn from this?

Come join us this Sunday, 20 November in the second of our new sermon series, with a sermon titled “Marriage, What Keeps Us Together" based on Malachi 2:10-16. Service is fully in-person only, looking forward to have you with us!

Gospel City Church

1 week 4 days ago

13/11/2022 • Malachi 1:1-2:9 • Kyle Essary

Gospel City Church

2 weeks 21 hours ago

Today was the first of our sermon series on Malachi - Kyle Essary, one of our covenant partners at GCC preached through Malachi 1:1-2:9. We learned about how God rebuked the Israelites for their false worship, and how they continued to question God’s love for them despite His steadfast commitment to them all along. God rejected Israel's heartless offerings, because they defiled what ought to be holy, and came from a heart that did not desire to honour Him. In addition, the Israelites behaved as such because they treasured and loved the things of the world, instead of the Lord.

However, we are no different from the Israelites. We too, have questioned God’s love and forsaken Him. Yet despite the unfaithfulness, betrayal, rebellion, and deceit of our hearts, it is God who remains faithful. So what good news it is that God’s love and hate is not the same as our fickle emotions or romantic notions! Instead, God’s love is His absolute commitment to elect and preserve His people for His purposes, so that He may be glorified among the nations.

He does this despite who we are, and certainly not because of what we do. We are neither holier, righteous, nor powerful. It is God who saves us by the blood of Jesus Christ, showing us undeserved mercy and grace, and who commits to bringing justice and judgement against wickedness. It is our God who loves, and transforms us every day of our lives, so we may learn to value Him above everything else and live life in true worship of the King!👑