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IMPORTANT: GCC will be meeting at Oasis International School on Sept 18th due to electrical upgrading work happening at Eco City. Click here for more details.


For the Peoples of Kuala Lumpur​


A church that seeks to cast a Gospel NET for the peoples of Kuala Lumpur

We exist to glorify God by nurturing and equipping people to live gospel-centered lives together in order to transform Kuala Lumpur through love, joy, hope and rest in Jesus.


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Sunday Service

Join us every Sunday, arriving at 10:30am for start of service at 10:45am

Equip Groups

Join our weekly fellowship over food and the Word at different homes in Klang Valley and on Zoom.

Explicitly gospel-centered in all that we preach, teach and practice.

We believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the hope of the world.

Equipping people to live gospel-centered lives.

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Gospel City Church

17 hours 42 minutes ago

Many of us are anxiously preparing for the next step in life. We try to be in the optimal state to start the next thing when it comes. We study hard to be prepared for job search. We work hard to be prepared for a promotion opportunity. We save up to be prepared to start a family. We prepare & prepare, anticipating many things in life.

But are we prepared for Jesus to come again? This can happen any day, and it is so infinitely important that we must not crowd it out with our daily earthly concerns.

This week Chris will be walking us through Matthew 24:45–25:46, where Jesus encouraged his disciples to be prepared for the King’s arrival. Join us as we listen & learn from God’s Word together. Pre-service refreshments at 10:00am, and service at 10:45am. See you!

Gospel City Church

4 days 2 hours ago

Do join us for Good Friday and Easter Sunday gathering.

Details are on the visual.

Lunch will be provided after service on Sunday. Hope to see you there as we gather to remember what our Saviour Jesus has done for us, and the hope we have in Him.

Gospel City Church

4 days 21 hours ago

26/3/2023 • Matthew 24:1–44 • Man Hon

Gospel City Church

5 days 18 hours ago

"The worst is yet to come". This isn't the refrain we like to use, preferring to find solace in the phrase "the best is yet to come" instead. However, when it comes to the end times, we saw today as Man Hon, our elder, preached through Matthew 24:1-44, that there are unfathomable uncertainties that will happen during the end times. Despite that, we find encouragement that our faith is not in the absence of troubles, but in the One who has overcome the world.

We do not need to be overwhelmed by fear or despair. May we all hold fast to the hope that Jesus' teachings offer us and share that hope to those around us.

We also prayed for Grace Living Community Church today, a newly planted church in Kota Kemuning that 2 of our covenant partners have been working towards and are now a part of.

Gospel City Church

1 week 16 hours ago

The only certain thing that the world has offered in the past few years has been… uncertainty. Will exams be online? Will borders open? Will I keep my job? Everything has been “TBC”. Amidst this, the certainty of God’s promises is a profoundly comforting thought. The words of Jesus in Matthew 24, where he foretold his second coming and the end of the age, show us some of these sure & wonderful promises.

So join us as we continue our “Promises Fulfilled” series looking at this next passage from Matthew’s gospel! We’ll have pre-service snacks at 10:00, and service will begin at 10:45. Services are in-person only. See you there! 😊

Gospel City Church

1 week 1 day ago

As it is written in Matthew 19:13 - 20:34, Jesus taught us that true greatness is found in humbly serving others, just as He did when He came to earth. Chris Abner, one of our elders proclaimed this truth last Sunday.

Let us strive to follow His example, putting the needs of others before our own and serving them with love and compassion. May we not be concerned with our own status or recognition, but rather seek to serve with a servant's heart.

In doing so, we will find true joy and fulfillment. Let us live our lives as true servants, glorifying God and bringing hope and love to those around us.

We also welcomed Von, Myles and Melissa as new covenant partners of GCC. May they continue to grow in their knowledge and love for Jesus, and partner with the faith family to share the gospel to others.