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For the Peoples of Kuala Lumpur​


A church that seeks to cast a Gospel NET for the peoples of Kuala Lumpur

We exist to glorify God by nurturing and equipping people to live gospel-centered lives together in order to transform Kuala Lumpur through love, joy, hope and rest in Jesus.


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Join us every Sunday, arriving at 10:30am for start of service at 10:45am

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Join our weekly fellowship over food and the Word at different homes in Klang Valley and on Zoom.

Explicitly gospel-centered in all that we preach, teach and practice.

We believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the hope of the world.

Equipping people to live gospel-centered lives.

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Gospel City Church

5 hours 31 minutes ago

29/01/23 • Matthew 11-12 • Wong Yi Khen

Gospel City Church

14 hours 51 minutes ago

This week we looked at Matthew 11–12 together, which capture five portraits of Jesus. In His interactions with the Pharisees and other characters in Matthew’s gospel, we saw that Jesus answers doubts patiently, that He prioritises our hearts, that He is the Lord of the Sabbath, that He has undeniable power, and that He grants us rest.

Yi Khen challenged us to see how these portraits of Jesus bore on our present situations — especially the tiredness and restlessness that are so prevalent in our city. After the sermon, we reflected together on ways that we can find rest in Jesus this week.

Gospel City Church

5 days 4 hours ago

Looking at two whole chapters in Matthew 11-12 this week, we will be continuing our "Promises Fulfilled" series.

The mark of a genuine relationship is that you know the other person deeply. Do you know what Jesus is like? Do you know his character? The "What Would Jesus Do" (W.W.J.D) era pushed people to consider Jesus' response to a situation before responding. This week, we will get to see more of Jesus and know Him and understand His character deeper.

Join us this Sunday, 29th January! Services are in-person only. See you then 🙂

Gospel City Church

1 week 7 hours ago

22/01/23 • Matthew 9:35-11:1 • Andy Dawson

Gospel City Church

1 week 2 days ago

Today on the first day of Chinese New Year, we gathered as usual, albeit with a smaller congregation since many people have "balik-ed kampung"! Our scripture passage today was long, but as Andy led us through it, we saw a common theme that flowed through - Jesus looked upon people who are distressed and dejected and has compassion on them. This heart for the lost led Jesus to send out his disciples into the world to share the gospel of God's saving grace. This is the same call to us to follow Jesus, and there is a cost to doing so.

We were prompted to do a gut check - are our hearts drawn out to the lost around us? Are we letting things like work or even duties in church distract us from following Jesus in the same way?

We sang this verse in worship today, whose words are an apt reflection of today's message -

"All I once held dear, built my life upon
All this world reveres and wars to own
All I once thought gain, I have counted loss
Spent and worthless now, compared to this

Knowing You, Jesus, knowing You"

Gospel City Church

1 week 4 days ago

We know it’s the first day of Chinese New Year, but if you are in town, do come join us for our in-person service.

We are continuing in the series of Promises Fulfilled, based on the book of Matthew. This week, we are looking at the passage from Matthew 9: 35 - 11:1.

Can you image attending a concert or a worship service and having the ability to know and experience the emotions of every single person in your sight, all at once? You could sense who was anxious, broken-hearted, stressed, annoyed, uncomfortable, mourning, joyful, hopeful, ambivalent, suffering or in pain. And you would encounter all of this at the same exact moment.

This was precisely Jesus’ experience when He walked on this earth. Being in contact with hundreds, sometimes thousands, all our hearts are open books to Jesus.

But, what’s the primary emotion of Jesus’ heart? Let’s examine scriptures together.