Gospel City Church

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Longing for Home

June 16, 2024

There is pain and fallenness in our world, and God does not call us to pretend like all is well. We all have tears for all that have gone wrong, for all the pain that we and the world go through. We all long for a home that is free of these.

The book of Daniel is essentially a reminder that God is still in control even when his people are still in exile – more than being away from our home country, but experiencing a deep personal existential pain as a part of life. This is all a result of a broken relationship with God due to our sin and rebellion.

But for believers, whether it feels like it or not, the sacrifice of Jesus Christ means we are already home with God because the relationship has been restored. Yes, pain and sin still exist, and things can still go wrong. But because of his sovereignty, we can be faithful like Daniel, as we wait for the glorious future where God will take us fully home with him.