Gospel City Church

IMPORTANT: GCC will be meeting at Oasis International School on Sept 18th due to electrical upgrading work happening at Eco City. Click here for more details.

Jesus’ Heart For The Lost

January 22, 2023

We are continuing in the series of Promises Fulfilled, based on the book of Matthew. This week, we are looking at the passage from Matthew 9: 35 – 11:1.

Can you image attending a concert or a worship service and having the ability to know and experience the emotions of every single person in your sight, all at once? You could sense who was anxious, broken-hearted, stressed, annoyed, uncomfortable, mourning, joyful, hopeful, ambivalent, suffering or in pain. And you would encounter all of this at the same exact moment.

This was precisely Jesus’ experience when He walked on this earth. Being in contact with hundreds, sometimes thousands, all our hearts are open books to Jesus.

But, what’s the primary emotion of Jesus’ heart? Let’s examine scriptures together.