Gospel City Church

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Pots Calling Kettles Black

October 30, 2022

One of our elders, Massimo preached from Matthew 7:1-12. The sermon today was divided into 3 parts – judging, asking and doing.

Just because we sin differently from someone else, it doesn’t give us the moral high ground to judge another. We also learnt about how sometimes, even though we’ve checked our hearts and removed the log from our eyes (ie: we are ready to share truth with someone with the right motives), that person may not be ready to receive it.

This in turn should lead us to asking God to work in people’s lives so that they may be ready to receive God’s word, which ultimately is the work of God and not ours. We do not have control over it, and so we should ask God for help. It is also wise to trust that however God gives the answer to our asking, we must believe that is a good gift, even if it doesn’t feel so in the moment because we cannot discern in light of eternity what is good or bad. Only God can.