Gospel City Church

IMPORTANT: GCC will be meeting at Oasis International School on Sept 18th due to electrical upgrading work happening at Eco City. Click here for more details.

The Appearance Of Obedience Is Not Obedience

September 25, 2022

Chris Abner, one of our elders in GCC preached on Matthew 5:21-37. We were reminded that King Jesus’ standards of obedience go beyond outward appearance, and instead examine the core of our hearts. As shocking as it may be, we must admit that we are all adulterers, liars, murderers, and deceivers in our hearts, and have failed to obey God.

Yet, we were also reminded that the lifestyle, choices, and behavior of the citizens of His kingdom ought to reflect the holiness of the King himself. The law serves to point us towards a righteousness that far exceeds our own, a standard befitting God. And when we realize that we do not meet this standard, and instead see how evil and wicked we really are, we see that we do not deserve to be part of the King’s kingdom, and stand condemned before Him. It is with this realization, that we cry out to Christ for mercy.

And indeed, the one who made peace, is perfectly pure in heart, and obedient, is Christ. Through Him, we receive a righteousness that is not our own. Jesus is our King, and when He rules over a renewed earth, it will be a life where contracts are no longer needed to keep people trustworthy, and rules no longer just to keep a false peace. Even as we yearn to see these things fulfilled, we are reminded that it is only in Him that we have hope for salvation. So may we worship, follow and exalt Him, and seek to live out the ethics of His kingdom as His people, now and forever.