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Apostolic Living

July 7, 2024

Today we gathered in worship as a church, and continued our study of the first chapter of Romans. In verses 5 – 7, we see how the call to be apostolic is for every Christian – that is, we are all sent out with the message of the gospel. We are called to an apostolic purpose of the obedience of faith that reaches all nations. As believers, despite being called to obedience, we also know that our faith is not maintained by the consistency of our obedience, which is a comforting truth for fallen beings like ourselves.

In living out our purpose, we should have the apostolic posture of humility. People can only be reached with the gospel (like we once were) through God’s miraculous grace alone, and for the sake of God’s name and glory alone. And in all these, we should look within and see if we truly possess the apostolic passion – is our joy and unity with each other evident to the people around us?

All these can only happen through humble dependence on Jesus. Yi Khen, our preacher today, echoed John Stott’s words as a resounding reminder to us – God’s gospel is for everybody without exception and without distinction.

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