Gospel City Church

IMPORTANT: GCC will be meeting at Oasis International School on Sept 18th due to electrical upgrading work happening at Eco City. Click here for more details.

When Jesus Descends The Mountain

January 8, 2023

We looked at Matthew 8, a true whirlwind of miracles and healings during Jesus’s ministry on earth. Jesus healed the sick, calmed a violent storm, and cast out demons from men possessed by darkness.

As Yi Khen preached on the passage, we saw that Jesus’s miracles provoke a response from us. If he held such divine power, he can’t have been only a teacher. Much more than that, he is the Son of Man who was prophesied and sent by God. And importantly, his healings were a sign of the greater healing he brings to humanity: healing from our sin.

We were encouraged and challenged to respond with costly faith in Jesus — to rest more deeply in his work on the cross for us, while being willing to bear costly discomforts for the sake of following him.