Gospel City Church

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Empowered For Hidden Ministry

August 14, 2022

We were blessed to have Stephen Tan, our guest preacher for the day who reminded us that every so often, the gospel calls many to ministry that is not obvious, not always visible, and almost always ‘hidden’. Tychicus in the last few verses of Ephesians is that very example of a beloved brother and faithful minister in the Lord, who just like many, seemed to do a small, seemingly insignificant task ‘behind the scenes’. Yet, his ministry was crucial to the advancement of the gospel.

So whether in the sharing of life, encouragement, or blessing of others, we all can ultimately look to Christ for His example — as one who is the most significant, yet became insignificant so that we might be saved and walk in His ways. We also thank God for all the hidden ministers in GCC and throughout our lives, who have loved us and built us up in Christ, praying that we may not take them for granted and that we too, may be moved to ask how we may also be of service to others.