Gospel City Church

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Called to Exalt Christ in Marriage

July 17, 2022

Today, we learned about marriage from Ephesians 5:21-33. Chris Abner, one of our elders at GCC specifically chose to start with Eph 5:21 as a reminder that marriage ought to be rightly understood in light of the church’s reverential relationship with Christ. To truly appreciate marriage, we actually need the gospel.

In a culture where submission and headship is often marred by sin, marriage as designed by God is countercultural and a glorious picture of Christ’s love for the church. Wives are called to exalt Christ through submission, while husbands are called to exalt Christ through sacrificial love.

So it was so good to be reminded that as Christians, we are loved by God not because we are lovely — in fact while we were very much unlovely sinners, Christ died for us! It is in light of this amazing love and Lordship of Christ that husbands and wives commit to a lifetime of love and submission. In groups, we also discussed how easy or difficult this is in practice. As Christians, we also hope for the day when Christ returns, and as His Bride, His church, we are finally reunited with Him.