Gospel City Church

IMPORTANT: GCC will be meeting at Oasis International School on Sept 18th due to electrical upgrading work happening at Eco City. Click here for more details.

Called to Walk in Wisdom

July 10, 2022

Today’s sermon passage was taken from Ephesians 5:15-21. Chad Cavanaugh, one of our covenant partners reminded us of how we are called to walk in wisdom, and live in the good works God has prepared for us in light of our new life in Christ.

It is so encouraging to know that no matter how much evil surrounds us in this world, Jesus is our wisdom. Truly, apart from Christ, we have no power to be holy. But in Christ, we are renewed and transformed. With the Spirit, we can walk in the wisdom of God, seek His counsel, and give thanks to Him in every circumstance.

How amazing it is that we are able to sing to another and to God together in worship, and lift each other up just as we submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.