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The Plot to Kill Jesus

March 10, 2024

Betrayal and death — why did Jesus face such deadly opposition? He had taught and healed and performed miracles with mercy and authority. But politically, the elites of the day could not accept any threat to their power & sway over the people. Spiritually, Satan had fiercely opposed Jesus’ mission from a long time past. And besides these broad political and spiritual realities, human beings like Judas, his traitor, were often only in Jesus’ mission insofar as it brought material gain, and were ready to oppose Jesus when the occasion arose.

These forces against Jesus’ mission in Luke 22 prompt us to examine our own hearts — are we wholly allegiant to Jesus? His mission has prevailed over opposition — indeed, in the very hands of his opposers — and he has brought redemption from sin through his death & resurrection. This Easter, we are encouraged to commit our lives, in full faith, to Jesus.

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